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Press release: Federal government wants significant citizen participation in offshore wind energy – SeaCoop is making it happen

This decision makes Belgium the offshore leader in Europe in implementing the European directives on renewable energy…

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“The added value of citizen energy to the energy transition”

On 28 November 2022, we attended the presentation of REScoop Flanders and REScoop Wallonia of the conclusions…

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The launch event in a nutshell

SeaCoop, the new Belgian cooperative social enterprise for wind turbines in the North Sea, was officially inaugurated…

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What is SeaCoop ?

SeaCoop cvso is the Belgian cooperative social enterprise around renewable energy founded by 33 renewable energy citizen cooperatives, all of which are members of REScoop Flanders or REScoop Wallonia. Discover the cooperative in your neighbourhood. The activities of the members of REScoop Flanders can also be found at

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Values and objectives


Values and objectives

SeaCoop is a cooperative social enterprise that, in the public interest, aims to have a positive social impact on people, the environment and society. Its actions are in accordance with the principles of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

Why SeaCoop ?

Wind is a shared resource, part of “the commons”. So, everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits. We want to give back to the people control over the production and use of energy from the North Sea. We want to bring this electricity to the homes of Belgians at a stable and affordable price.

SeaCoop’s dual objective: to take a 20% interest in the offshore wind farms and bring the electricity produced there to Belgian households and SMEs via cooperative suppliers Ecopower and COCITER. This short-term supply mechanism by and for citizens aims to ensure a sustainable anchoring of renewable energy in Belgian hands and price stability in the interest of all.

What is SeaCoop doing now?

We support the desire of the Belgian government to ensure citizen participation in the upcoming tender for wind concessions in the North Sea. A Royal Decree on the terms and conditions of the tender is planned for spring 2023.

SeaCoop is building alliances to participate in this tender and become co-owner of the offshore concessions.

We are proposing mechanisms to open up the tender for the upcoming wind farms to citizen participation.

We are developing tools to supply electricity from the sea to Belgian households.


Participate in this major project

Join one of the member cooperatives and find out what local actions you can take to participate in the production and use of wind energy from the North Sea.

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